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    Quand les flics nous ont confisqué notre alcool lors d’une soirée en ville.

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    The Ebola virus had been circulating in Guinea for roughly three months before doctors and international aid organizations finally detected it.

    It was hiccups that eventually gave it away, journalist Jeffrey Stern wrote in Vanity Fair this weekend.

    Hiccups Were The Clue That Led Researchers To Ebola

    Photo Credit: Cellou Binani/AFP/Getty Images

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    What I’m like before I meet up with my girlfriend.


  10. When two people have the same profile picture and you accidentally post on the wrong person’s wall

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    My reaction to the video of Miley Cyrus’ tour bus going up in flames. Click here to watch it

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    banana up son

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    uuuhn… what?


  14. When I see my crush while walking around campus